Sample Proposal Sports in Schools


1.a. Background

Alhamdulillahirabbil’alamin all praise be to Allah the Almighty God always gives His grace to kita.Sholawat and hopefully always terlimpahkan regards to our master Muhammad.

Sports is one of the important means of maintaining health, as the saying goes “a healthy mind in a healthy soul there.” In addition, soccer and futsal is a sport that the majority of the students preferred and favored.

To merealisaikan this, we intend to exercise as part of an inter-class sporting event.

1.b. Aims and Objectives

Intent and purpose of the race is:
1.Mempererat ukhuwah Islamiyah between classes
2.Memotivasi students in fastabiqu al
3.Menyalurkan hobbies and talents of students
4.Salah the work program of Sports Men’s term of office 2012-2013 M

1.c. Event Name

Major activities of this race is the “Class Meeting”

1.d. Participants race

The competition is addressed to the whole santriwan grade 1 to grade 5 Excellent Class Boarding Schools Program Daar el-Qolam 2

1.e. Time and Place

The contest will be held on:

Day / Date: Sunday till Friday, 30 March to 3 May 2012 M

time: 16:00 Finish s.d

where: Area Excellent Class

1.F. Type of Race

The type of race is as follows:
2.Mini Soccer
3.g. Composition of Committees

Patron: Al-Ustadz Drs. KH. Odhy Rosihuddin

Advisor: Al-Ustadz Muhammad Nur Arifin, S.Ag

Al-Ustadz ACEP Tata Juanda, M.Pd.

Chief Executive: Darul Faqih Halim

Secretary: Rizendi Dwi Pramana

Treasurer: Amrullah Mart Ichi Nugroho

Section Activity: Gilang Raka Yanuarida

Muhammad Jumalik

Sexy Hardware: Dede Grace

Iqbal Sudrajat

1.H. Budget

The budget for the activities class meeting as attached.
1.I. Cover

Thus we submit this proposal to be considered Al Ustadz. With this we megharapkan support from all parties in order to smooth the course of this event. Al-Ustadz For your attention we give thanks.



Gintung, March 20, 2012 M

Men Board Sports Section

Chief Executive


Darul Faqih Halim

Dwi Rizendi Pramana

Secretary ISMI

Zaki Al Azhari Qodri


Director of Nursing Son


Al-Ustadz Rahmat Sudin, S.Ag.

Al-Ustadz ACEP Tata Juanda, M.Pd.

Appendix I:

Class Activity Budget Meeting

Name of Goods

Number of Items

Unit Price



6 cardboard

@ Rp. 30,000

Rp. 180 000


10 bottles

@ Rp. 20,000

Rp. 200 000


5 pack

@ Rp. 20,000

Rp. 100 000


5 pack

@ Rp. 10,000

Rp. 50,000


5 pack

@ Rp. 15,000

Rp. 75,000


4 pack

@ Rp. 15,000

Rp. 60,000

Tea We

5 cardboard

@ Rp. 20,000

Rp. 100 000

Cover Brown

4 rolls

@ Rp. 1500

Rp. 6000


2 pieces

@ Rp.250.000


Futsal Ball

2 pieces

@ Rp.200.000


Masuk ITB

Hai,,,nama saya Rizendi Dwi Pramana saya dari Lampung yang sekolah di SMA Daar el-Qolam, saya kelas XII 1 di Jurusa Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam nilai rata-rata per-semester saya mencukupkan dab saya ingin bisa masuk ke ITB,, saya harap anda bisa membantu saya untuk masuk ke ITB. dan saya yakin akan berprestasi di ITB dan tidak akan memalukan Almamater saya.